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Lake Geneva Playboy Club / Hotel messages:
Special notice: Announcing Reunion 2004 Vegas!
Looking for Ex Playboy Bunny friends Suzanne Soet, Bunny Monique 8th September 2003
To Linda of Chicago and Coni of Lake Geneva Bunny Sharon 5th September 2003
Lake Geneva 1976-1978 Bunny Tana 17th July 2003
To Bunny Pixee - Lake Geneva Bunny Michele 12th July 2003
Re: To Bunny Pixee - Lake Geneva Bunny Pixee 19th October 2003
Lake Geneva Bunnies of 1968-69 Bunny Ruth 9th July 2003
Lake Geneva Playboy Club Mikey D 17th March 2003
Looking for Friends of "Bunny Cheryl" Rhonda Hyser George Markin 10th January 2003
Ex Bunny looking to buy an old Bunny costume Lisa Marie 3rd December 2002
Hi, 72-74 Lake Geneva Bunnies Barbi 24th November 2002
My mom... Sally 12th November 2002
Re: My mom... Alice 27th December 2002
Bunnies that opened the Lake Geneva Club Bunny Van 24th October 2002
Lake Geneva, WI Bunnies of 1981 and 1982 Bunny Kathy (Kathy Fant) 7th August 2002
Good Ole Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Bunny Liz (Carolyn) 11th November 2001
Liz, it's me! Buffy Debby (Bunny Buffy) 17th February 2002
Lake Geneva Tia or Terese? Mary Lynn 31st May 2001
Tamara Davis Tamara Davis 4th February 2001
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