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Some rules and guidelines for posting to the Ex Playboy Bunnies site:

1: Only Bunnies and former Playboy Club employees are permitted to leave messages here. Non-Bunny messages will be deleted. This site and it's message board have nothing to do with Playmates or Playboy magazine. This message board is strictly for former Bunnies and Playboy Club employees only. This message board is not a forum for finding or becoming Playboy Playmates or models!!  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about posing for Playboy. Bunny fans are warmly invited to sign our Guestbook. This is not a forum for people (men) to find old flames, even if they were Bunnies. I have allowed these messages in the past, but I will not allow them in the future.

2: Please be aware that the responses you type into the form below will be posted onto the message board. If you do not wish to give your full name or your email address then that is entirely acceptable. This website exists to help former Bunnies find their old colleagues and to reminisce about their Playboy Bunny experiences. Your safety is of paramount importance. You can post your full name and e-mail contact address if you feel happy doing so, but please never include any details of your postal address or telephone number. There have been no unhappy incidents concerning unwelcome attention. By protecting ourselves with these precautions we will keep it that way. However if you do want to receive email replies you will need to include a valid email address. You can create a free email address from free email service providers such as Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail.

3: Nearly all of you have the good sense to do this anyway - try to include, in the title and/or content of your message which Playboy Club(s) you worked in and during which year(s). This helps your old friends to remember you and enables me, the webmaster, to list your message on the correct individual Playboy Club Message page. For example if you say you worked in the New York and Chicago Playboy Clubs then I know to post your message to both the New York and Chicago pages, thus enabling old friends from both clubs to find your message.

Only the details you include on the form will be posted to the message board. No other record is kept.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you have any questions about posting to this board or if you experience any difficulties, then please e-mail the webmaster.

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