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Miami Playboy Club and Miami Plaza Hotel messages:
Special notice: Announcing Reunion 2004 Vegas!
MIAMI 60's - Lee Reynolds, June Silver, Gigi, Artie, Giselle, Bobbie BUNNY DIANE (Stewart) 2nd September 2003
Frankie Helms where are you!?! Marci 20th June 2003
Miami Playboy Club from 1973-1978 Glory Tharp (maiden name Felland) 18th June 2003
Cincinnati and Miami Bunnies Bunny Mother Judy Sharp 13th June 2003
Re: Cincinnati and Miami Bunnies Bunny Ann 30th June 2003
REUNION 2004: Dallas, Miami, Boston... where ARE you? Bunny Michele 4th March 2003
Looking for Miami and New York Bunnies Sandy 14th January 2003
Atlanta, 1971 & Miami Plaza, 1970-1 DONNA SILSBY COAKLEY 14th July 2001
Looking for Miami bunnies, 1977 - 1981 Shannon Starling 25th March 2001
Miami Playboy Club 1962 Carole 10th March 2001
Searching for Connie Mason of the Miami and Chicago Clubs Daisey Markdean (nee Snow) 15th January 2001
Re: Searching for Connie Mason of the Miami and Chicago Clubs Alan (Webmaster) 22nd September 2001
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