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Detroit Playboy Club messages:
Special notice: Announcing Reunion 2004 Vegas!
Detroit Playboy Club Francesca Witt Casey 8th November 2003
Kelleigh wow! Bunny Jeanne 24th October 2003
To Jeanne of Detroit Playboy Club Bunny Sharon, Great Gorge 16th October 2003
Looking for Detroit Bunnies 1964 - 1966 Bunny Taffy 20th September 2003
Detroit Bunnies 1964-1968 Bunny Heidi 17th September 2003
Playboy Club entertainer Carme (Pitrello) Bunny Paige 9th February 2002
Looking for Detroit Bunnies, circa 1966 Sharon Boldvich 26th July 2001
Looking for Detroit Bunnies "Kay" from Detroit 17th July 2001
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