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The band "FANTASY"

Name: Bunny Lin
Date: 13th December 2003
Time: 23:18

Bunny Lin. Click to view larger.
Bunny Lin
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The members of the band "FANTASY" posted a message to the guestbook!!

They played at the Cincinnati Playboy Club and at a lot of local clubs... Loll 43 (on fountain square) and Holiday Inns. Phil Ledonne, Rick Kinman, Dave Morris, Rick Marksberry (also Terry-but he died early 1980s).

They still play at a place called Rhino's. Rick Marksberry sings/plays at LaNormandie (downtown) regularly. Their agent was John Miller... he booked the entertainment at the Cincinnati club. Stop out and see them if you get a chance... or send a message.

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