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Re: VIP magazine

Name: pandora sands
Date: 13th November 2003
Time: 14:24


Webmaster, thanx for your quick reply.

Yes if you look at the center photo of the spread, I am the little blonde with the barrel curls. Keith Hefner hired me. I just didn't take the job. Instead I went to the Whiskey A-Go-Go and was one of the waitresses there. later I was with Playboy in New York City as a room director. My memory of that era is vague. After all it was the 60's. So, if memory serves me well, my name is in the caption.

In fact Marianna Case is an old friend from that era. If you can contact her, give her my best.

Thanx again, Pandora.

Webmaster: Glad to help Pandora. Marianna has a Biography and Photo Album on this site.

Read Bunny Marianna's Biography.
View Bunny Marianna's photo album.

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