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Kelleigh wow!

Name: Bunny Jeanne
Date: 24th October 2003
Time: 19:02


Bunny Jeanne, Detroit Playboy Club
Bunny Jeanne

Gee, I loved your Bio. I too worked the 60's, in Detroit mostly.

You described the memories of the aching feet to a "T" I remember walking from the "Penthouse" to the Bunny Room on my hands. Penthouse was on the third floor and we would walk with hands on the rails tipping a busboy or someone else to carry our tray and whatever junk we had lugged up there.

Do you remember a Bunny named Toni. Sometimes she had black hair, sometimes white blonde? She came to Detroit from Chicago in '62 or '63. She then transferred to NY. I would love to talk to her. She went with one of our Room Directors (cannot remember his name). Anyway she also answered to the nickname "Moonmaid." Loved that gal. I wanted to grow up to be just like her.

Really Kelleigh thanks for sharing your life with us. It's a beautiful thing.

Bunny Jeanne

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