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Name: Bunny PJ
Date: 29th August 2003
Time: 01:35


Bunny PJ, Denver Playboy Club
Bunny PJ

I have been entrusted with the job of liquidating an authentic 1970's vintage Playboy Bunny costume - complete with cuffs, medium size adjustable regulation collar, cuffs, bow tie, licensed Playboy Bunny head logo cufflinks, tail, rosette & ears - and authenticity documentation.

I also custom designed and now have available "interactive" crystal clear display case to use with Playboy Bunny costumes, so that they can be artistically displayed and completely protected from dust, air or getting crushed when not in use, and yet easily accessed for wearing or inspection. I have both items plus an out of print "Andy Warhol Style" Pop Art licensed Playboy Bunny logo poster available in a single eBay auction until September 7, 2003 - you can read more about it and access the eBay link here:

Thanks to you all for building up in this "Ex-Playboy Club employee" community, and thank you, Alan, for making this all possible. Viva the Las Vegas '04 Reunion! PJ

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