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Name: Pamela (Bunny Goldie)
Date: 31st July 2003
Time: 19:49


Hi all!

Today, I did a radio slot on the Fred Macualay show for BBC Radio Scotland.

They wanted to know if I thought Hugh Hefner was worthy to become a comic strip hero or not. Pamela Anderson has just been made into a comic-strip character "Stripella" and Marvel Comics supremo Stan Lee is in the development stage of making a Superhero comic-strip about Hefner.

The people on the show thought that Hefner would at least need another female in his company, as he would get bored with only one girl, and if I was to be the crime fighter Bunny alongside him, what powers would I have? I replied that as my Bunny name was Goldie, I would have the power to turn all my enemies into gold, and I would also be able to keep the gold... the Midas touch.

Goldie xx

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