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St. Louis, Kansas City and Phoenix Playboy Clubs

Name: Bunny Gigi
Date: 30th July 2003
Time: 15:41


Bunny Gigi. Click to view Bunny Gigi's photo album.
Bunny Gigi

Hello to all the beautiful old timers! This is Bunny Gigi from the St. Louis, Kansas City and Phoenix Playboy Clubs.

Frankie Helms lives in Las Vegas. I have her phone number, I just tried to call her, but she was not home. She is as pretty and sweet as ever. I also had the pleasure of working with Frankie in the St. Louis club, then I moved to Kansas City and worked at the Playboy Club there. In 1968 I moved to sunny Arizona and again worked for the Playboy Club there almost until the end.

Now, I live in Arizona and am doing well: I have my upscale consignment store in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have a website too, which you can visit at:

I would love to know what happened to my old Bunny friends and would like stay in contact. It was such fun! Look forward to seeing you all at the Reunion. You can contact me at In particular I am looking for Bunny Buffy, I still have your album from your children. I know you would like to have it back.

Love you all, Bunny Gigi.

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