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London, Manchester & Portsmouth Playboy Clubs

Name: Ray Marks
Date: 24th July 2003
Time: 20:27


Hi - my Name is Ray Marks - I used to be known as Raymond Ray. I was night manager at the London Playboy Club in 1968 - 70, and then I opened the Manchester Playboy club as General Manager and later the Portsmouth Playboy Club again as General Manager. Like London, both Manchester and Portsmouth were Casinos as well as Playboy Clubs.

I am married to Alexis who was one on the first English Girls to be recruited for London Playboy in 1966 (she was interviewed by the late John Dante). She was a Bunny in London for 3 years. We are still married!!

I now own a small chain of Hotels in Torquay, Devon, England and would love to hear from any previous London, Manchester or Portsmouth Bunnies or staff - male or female.

They were great days.

Ray Marks

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