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Memorial - Playboy Executives have passed away

Name: Bunny Michele Marten Dawn
Date: 21st June 2003
Time: 00:13


Victor - Please contact Bunny Geri Monticelli with the details. Send her a 3x5 photo including their name, year(s) with Playboy, positions(s) held and date of passing, or whatever info you can give her. Contact her at or call (702) 617-0153. We are including a Memorial segment at the reunion for those who are no longer with us. Thanks for letting us know. They were an important part of the Playboy history.

Bunny Michele, Hollywood Playboy Club - 1965 and 1966
Bunny Michele
Bunny Geri, Hollywood Playboy Club - 1964 - 1969
Bunny Geri

Contact information:
Reunion 2004 Vegas

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