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Miami Playboy Club from 1973-1978

Name: Glory Tharp (maiden name Felland)
Date: 18th June 2003
Time: 15:05


I have stayed in contact with many of the girls whom I worked with through the years and was talking with several girls about hosting a reunion in 2004 as well. This is great. I love the idea of Vegas and think it will go over very well with the others I know from the Miami Club.

I lost contact with a very good friend, Shanon Hipp, and have wanted to find her for quite some time. I found a message on your website today and am e-mailing her tonight.

Thank you so much for doing this site for all of us. One thing about being Bunnies, few have shared this great experience. We are all so fortunate to have been a part of this wonderful idea.

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