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Freak Alert!!!!!

Name: Former Bunny
Date: 5th June 2003
Time: 19:28


I received an email from a Michelle Martin, who I believe is a MAN, this is what the email said... here is a copy of the email they sent:

"Hi ****, O.M.G. yes that was my bnny name, and color, i worked dor firts tho, then went on the floor. Could u maybe send me any of thjose pics? That would be soo neat! hope to hear back from you soon, Michele PS, do you have yahoo or instanst messanger? or a phone where we could talk"

This person called my cell phone (accidentally posted it at bottom of my reply email in my signature area!!) and said "she" worked at the club in 85 and had a unique situation... she is a twin, and her twin was born a female... and she was not!!! I told "it" not to use my number again and hung up. I did ask if she could tell me who the Bunny Mother was at our location and "it" mumbled... after a short pause "Amber?" Wrong. So be careful of who is contacting you. More than likely it isn't who they say they are.

Webmaster: I am sorry you have had this experience. Unfortunately the Internet makes it easy for pathetic individuals to pose as who and what they are not. The safety of the REAL people who post on the Ex Playboy Bunnies Message Board is of paramount importance. Can I restate the wisdom of NEVER revealing any personal details (address, phone number, surname) on these boards and to anyone who may email you. This website has successfully reunited lots of Bunny friends. Unfortunately it also seems to have attracted the sad and the foolish who are posing as Bunnies. I haven't heard of this happening before so hopefully it is just a one-off. But if anyone contacts you posing as an old Bunny colleague, do the sensible thing as the Bunny above did and ask them a question only a Bunny from your era and your particular Playboy Club would know.

In my capacity as webmaster for the Ex Playboy Bunnies site I receive lots of genuine emails from real Bunnies and Bunny fans but also a fair number of weird emails. To all the losers out there - LEAVE THESE WOMEN ALONE. They are not interested in you and will rightfully ignore you. And they can spot fakes VERY quickly. If you must contact someone contact me at the main email for the site. I will treat your emails with the time and dignity they deserve - I WILL PUT THEM STRAIGHT IN THE TRASH CAN.

The 'person' who contacted the Bunny above appears to have adopted former Hollywood Bunny Michele Marten's name (although as with many words in their email, they could not master the correct spelling). Michele is helping to organise Reunion 2004 Vegas. The REAL Michele herself shares these concerns and successfully weeds out would-be gatecrashers from the genuine event. Reunion 2004 Vegas is legitimate and is being organised by a number of original Hollywood Bunnies for everybody in the world who worked in a Playboy Club.

One final warning to anyone who privately annoys, in any way, the former Bunnies who use this site. Whenever you use the Internet, the IP address of your computer is logged. You can be traced. And you CAN BE PROSECUTED!!! So grow up, get a life and go elsewhere. I will name, shame and publish anyone who transgresses. The Police and the FBI WILL be more severe. You have been warned.

Alan, Webmaster, Ex Playboy Bunnies

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