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Cincinnati Playboy Club

Name: Lin
Date: 21st May 2003
Time: 00:57


Bunny Lin. Click to view larger.
Bunny Lin
Click to view larger

I would love to hear from Bunnies from the Cincinnati Playboy Club... I was a Bunny from 1978 until closing 1983. I keep in touch with Kym (Cincinnati Bunny of the Year 1982; she also worked at Great Gorge) Kat, Tammy, Tierney, Maria, Ann, Brooke, Debi, Susie, Diane, Jayne, Angie, Sylvia, Carol, Tina, many more.

We've had some fun reunions... there are many Bunnies that were there before me and while I was there. What are you doing now? Mary, Andie, Cinnamon, Ginger, Bobbie, Reggie, Bonnie, Amber, Jamie, Anna, Lana, Ellen, Wanda, Mindy, Patty, Gina, Remmel, Debbie, Terrah, Sabene, Joy, Karen, Kelly, Maureen, Sharon, Patrice, Laura, Nita, Lisa, Meggie, Tanya, Tracy, Vicky, Jeannie... I'll add more names later.

Bunny Mothers - Harriet, Barb, Judy, Nicki? What about bartenders Bobby, Larry, Jeff, Fitz, Les??? Bar manager Roy Devlin died 2002. What about chef Bill Porter, Spider Man, Robert, David??? What about bus boys... where would we have been without them??? David, managers and others- Mr. Schneider, Yvonne, Cathy, Elsie, Mike, Bonnie, Jeff Davis, Drew, Jim Edinger, Jackie.

What about all the bands that played there over the years... The Christian Brothers, Fantasy, Kicks, etc??? The singing Bunnies??? Bunny Holly and bar manager Roy Devlin are both are deceased. Their son Shawn would love to hear from anyone that can tell him about his parents and Playboy Club memories. What about the regulars... Jack, Tony, Timmy, Little Joe, Pat, Doug, Hutch, Bill, Sammy, Tom, ... Donnie Wong has the restaurant at the Watertown marina in Dayton, Ky.

What great memories I've been blessed with from knowing all of you.

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