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Bunny Goldie, London Playboy Club - new album

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Pamela today

Name: Goldie
Date: 3rd August 2002
Time: 18:52


I used to work as a Bunny Croupier at the London Playboy Club, 1977 - 1980, until I became pregnant with my daughter Joanna.

I am now 43 and have just produced my own record album with my hubby called Gonna get ya.

We have some great pop songs and dance tunes; written and performed by the two of us. We are at No.1 on MTV Undiscovered, No.1 on getoutthere from BT, plus all our songs are on

So to all my pals - give us a listen! We are called Macushla and have our own site at:-

We have our second album on the way.....

Read Pamela's Biography.

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