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Former MC Living Room LA '72-'79

Name: Jay Michaels
Date: 13th July 2002
Time: 11:50


Hey There! Does anyone read this thing?

JJ here (Jay Michaels) I was the Master of Ceremonies and went on to assist in Entertainment and PR with the LA club from '72 to '79...

Some of the bunnies from my era that I was most friendly with outside of the club were Terri, Maria, Monique, Louise, (a guy name George used to come in and I would say "have a good dinner George?" and he would say "That Louise feeds me too much!"

Lauren (I would love to talk to her I didn't find out till about two years ago that Floyd Butler had passed away)....

Ohhhh and I can't think of her name...blonde...she used to have a pet ferret....we used to hang out all the time and I even saw her when I moved to Florida back in the 80' must be old age, I turned 50 recently...yikes....

Oh man there were so many many more that I miss would love to talk to so many...

Tracy our room director for Laine's room.....

Sam who used to get into laughing jags with me in the Living room......

The Italian Maitre'd we had that used to get his tuxes from a local funeral director.....and the list goes on and on..

What stories, what memories....

Mike McConnell was our controller at the time... we had several GM's... one of them Tom O'Rourke I saw in Florida as well many years later... drop a line and let's get back in touch!!

So all of my former co-workers, would love to hear from you!!!

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