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Re: Searching for Connie Mason of the Miami and Chicago Clubs

Name: Alan (Webmaster)
Date: 22nd September 2001
Time: 13:10


Hello Daisey,

The e-mail address you supplied is no longer active. So I have included some information about Connie below. I hope it is of use to you.

From the Playboy Cyber Club bio of Connie:

Married at the age of 16, she had a son and a daughter. Divorced at 21, she moved to Florida to be near her family. She had a $90-a-week job working behind the cosmetics counter of a Miami department store when her mother and stepfather suggested she apply for work at the new Miami Playboy Club, which they had just visited. "I became a Camera Bunny and was suddenly rolling in money, working six nights a week in an era when people gave hundred-dollar tips," she recalled later.

Connie moved to Chicago and worked as a Bunny at the Playboy Club there. She was recruited by designer Oleg Cassini, a guest at a Playboy Mansion party, for Eileen Ford's modelling agency in New York. That was to be the beginning of a career that has lasted more than three decades.

A two-year relationship with Cassini's brother Igor, who wrote a gossip column under the pseudonym Cholly Knickerbocker, preceded a brief engagement to a Los Angeles attorney and Connie's 1968 marriage to the Playboy Clubs' talent director Shelly Kasten. Eighteen months later, they separated, a split that lasted for six years before their reconciliation. Still married, the Kastens currently live near Los Angeles, where Connie continues to model. She has also launched a new career in interior design, a path which her mother had followed for 30 years, and which Connie had studied at Parsons Institute when she was living in New York.


As Connie was also a Playboy Playmate she also appears at GLAMOURCON events. The Glamourcon website is

Perhaps if you email the GLAMOURCON organisers, stating you are her niece, they will provide you with a contact email for Connie. E- mail:

Good luck!

Best wishes,

Alan, Webmaster, Ex Playboy Bunnies

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